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The 90 Minute Trader System Home Study Course 

Learn to trade E-mini Futures &Currency Futures using The 90 Minute Trader Scalping System and leverage the markets moves in just 90 minutes per day!

This program is the Home Study Version of our powerful 90 Minute Trader System. The 90 Minute Trader System takes a direct and simple approach to learning how to trade and more specifically,scalp the E-mini futures markets. With this course,you will learn a very simple yet powerful system! You will learn how to read the market,how it works and how to apply The 90 Minute Trader Scalping System. Learn the scalping strategy the professional traders use every day. Learn to professionally trade E-mini futures,such as the E-mini S&P,E-mini Russell &Mini Dow.  

The 90 Minute Trader System incorporates a very simple yet powerful approach to trading the markets daily opportunities. Our objective is to capitalize on the short term imbalances created in the market. It is all about knowing how to recognize the imbalances &knowing how to act using speed and execution. It is about seeing what others cannot.   

 A Proven Simple System ideal For E-mini Futures &Currencies. 

The 90 Minute Trader System was developed through years of market pattern analysis. This system is based on a simple yet extremely effective principal we call FootPrint.  We took the FootPrint theory and adapted it for scalping the market. Scalping is the practice of quickly and surgically entering the market at a very precise time and place. We look to take advantage of the imbalance created,capture the move and exit again. 

The 90 Minute Trader System comes with a training manual. This PDF e-manual illustrates the system,the set-ups and is full of valuable reading,trading lessons and examples. It even includes screen shots so you will see for yourself what the setups look like. The course manual is written in a clear concise manner,detailing the scalping strategy used in The 90 Minute Trader Scalping System.  

If the idea of being an independent trader is exciting to you, take the next step and take control of your future!  

The 90 Minute Trader System is designed for trading E-mini Futures,Currency Futures & Forex. The course covers the following crucial topics to becoming a successful trader. All this and much more are covered in the comprehensive home study training manual! 

1. Introduction to E-mini day trading. All the basics to get set up.

2. The 90 MinuteTrader Scalping System.

3. Currency futures vs. FOREX.

4. Your Trading Floor. What you will need.

5. Technical Indicators 101 

6. Trader’s Toolbox of market information.

7. FootPrint. What it is and how it works.

8. The Setup…. Where exactly to enter and where exactly to exit.

9. Anatomy of a Trade. 

10. Intelligent Order Placement &Execution

11. Trading Platforms.

12. Risk/Reward Allocation 

After you take the home study course,you can paper trade or use a simulator to trade to get some practice. When you are ready,you can start trading for real through your brokerage account.

Coaching and Ongoing Support.

If you wish,we can provide optional additional coaching as you go forward. Coaching sessions are held online and can be held privately or in an open group forum format where students can review market activity and ask questions.  

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